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The magic called the Rhodopes

The Rhodope Mountains-the mountain of Orpheus.Your holiday in an oasis of pure and wild nature. The Rhodopes are like a sea of ​​dark green hills. Even if only for a moment to enjoy the beautiful views and breathe the fresh air, for you will always love the lyrical and magnetic Rhodope.

 sanctuary of the Thracian god Dionysus

If you like the spirit of the far-off days, then the Rhodopes are the perfect place for you. Through the thousand-year old history of the mountains steps of Thracians, Slavs, Old Bulgarians, Greek, Romans echoed on their picturesque paths. Therefore, the legends, connected with the history of the Rhodopes, are so numerous.

The beauty of the Rhodopes is unique – the wise men say – and no one could refute this, at first sight, outworn maxim. They are the biggest part of the Macedonia-Thracian massif.

According to the Indian schools of meditation, the Rhodopes are one of the seventh sacred mountains on Earth and more than a millennium in their nooks the sanctuary of the Thracian God Dionysius has been looked for; its discovery is expected to be the most significant archeological event on the territory of the Balkans and the Old continent.

It is not accidental that the Rhodopes has no comparison in Bulgaria and even in Europe. Here the natural and cultural inheritance lives together in harmony for millennia. The Rhodopes are the energetic center on the Balkans. Most centenarians have been registered here. It is not accidental that “the Rhodopes longevity" has become a byword, as a wish for health.


Devin – unique nature and green quietness

Marvelously beautiful is Devin region. Devin comes from Virgo – the Moon, Gods interpreted from Sanscrit. No matter where from you go towards it, you reach pretty towns and villages, lush meadows, extensive spruce and pine forests that give the man opportunity to touch the unique beauty of the region and the spirit of the Rhodopes people.

 unique nature and green silence

The town of Devin is a geometrical center of the Rhodopes. It is situated 710 meters above sea level. Devin is a town where the varied lay, the picturesque nature, the mild climate and the presence of 7 kinds of mineral springs are combined.

Matchless for the region are the negative ionization of the air and proven the densest ozone layer in Europe – something extremely valuable for your health.

Local people of the Rhodopes have preserved ancient legends, songs, traditions, customs and hospitality.

Exactly this combination of nature, air and water, and also the hospitality of the hotel complex ISMENA make the region attractive and unique for the visitors.

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